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Whack dreams

The past two nights I have had dreams involving House of Whack, my board game. The night before last I had one of those transcendant dreams where I knew I was being given important information about the true nature of reality, but I could not hope to take it into waking life. I remember a crone or perhaps a hermit spreading the rooms out like a tarot reading. I don’t think anyone really understands what happens inside my head when I think of the game. They see a board game, but I see something else.

Last night’s dream involved a Kinko’s or something. The place was being robbed or I was being threatened somehow. The assailant was holding me at gunpoint and asking me to explain the contents of the House of Whack box. There was a story resting on top of the game components. I took it out and pulled out some room cards so I could show this person how the rooms connected together. I noticed that there were rooms I had not created for the game.