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I was holding off on posting in my blog because I am going to be moving web hosts, but that has been delayed due to a mixup.

The STAPLE pre-party was neat. I had forgotten how many comic books there were at Austin Books & Comics. It felt like an ark for comic books, a backup vault in case civilization fell. I didn’t really know anyone there besides Chris, but my “Team Linus” shirt served as social currency. I also got to meet Goatboy, the artist who did the interior art for The Stork. I had only worked with him online.

Then I went to Reed’s housewarming party where I talked to cute girls about Doctor Who. Cory brought New Age and fruit, pretty much sealing the deal on the fun party situation.


Dream Job will be on hiatus for a bit while I come up with more ideas.

Dream Job 6 - Jetsam

Not My Department

Dream Job 5 - Not My Department



Dream Job 4 - Yum


Across the Universe

Dream Job 3 - Across the Universe


I Heart Internet Jesus

Dream Job 2 - I Heart Internet Jesus



Dream Job 1 - Exterminate


Dream Job Teaser


Dream Job Teaser

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