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On Secrets

I was hoping I would be able to share something about a recent project, but it is still under wraps. Stay tuned!

I’m pretty good at keeping secrets. You ask me not to tell, I essentially partition that information away in a special vault in my memory. Eventually even I will be surprised by the news.

It’s tricky when I am working on something cool, but I’m forbidden to show anyone. I recently had to sign an NDA at work. Now I belong to a secret society who know about *It*.

In other news, I have secured three video testimonials about The Stork. I want to get one more and then cut together a promo video so I can launch the Kickstarter project. I’d like to get that going by the end of the month.


Dream Job will be on hiatus for a bit while I come up with more ideas.

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Dream Job Teaser


Dream Job Teaser

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