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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Taking Flight

At the time of this writing, The Stork has been funded for $1310, which is $210 above the goal. I am overjoyed and humbled and astonished by all of the support from friends and strangers alike.

But when it was only funded for $500, I felt the dread coming on. I worried that things wouldn’t work out and I’d let all these people down. I imagined all the sympathetic looks and the “ah, well at least you tried”s. I made up all kinds of things about what it might mean if the project didn’t get funded.

Then I recalled something someone said in a blog post a few weeks back. Excuse me, what I said in a blog post. About acting like it is a done deal and not giving up. A lot of things I write are directed at myself as much as they are towards other people. It is like having an emotional savings account to fall back on during rough patches.

So I decided that $500 was nearly halfway there. I decided that there was plenty of time and lots of people were just going to contribute later. I decided that someone was waiting until the right moment to make a dramatic contribution. As it turned out, all of these things were true.

I want to be less afraid. I want to trust any process I have set in motion. I want to have more faith in myself and in other people. It is happening, step by step, with the occasional explosion of wings unfurling.

The Stork on Kickstarter

The Stork Needs Your Help

I want people to be braver and kinder. I want people to know how much they matter. I want people to get beyond their obstacles. But sometimes people are afraid or self-defeating or unaware of the impact they have. Sometimes they need a nudge. Sometimes people secretly want permission to be fantastic.

That’s why I created The Stork. It is permission to step outside your comfort zone, to be daring, to be silly, to see what it is like to not keep putting something off…whatever it is you need to give yourself permission to do.

And you can’t do it alone. The Stork is a game where you must interact with at least one other person in order to succeed. These moments, these glowing points of contact, cannot be encapsulated because they are different for everyone. But for me, the times I have been The Stork, I feel like I matter and I am reminded that I am capable of more than I’m currently settling for.

The Stork is entering its last week on Kickstarter and it still needs a bit more funding in order to succeed. Please visit the page and have a look at the project. If it resonates with you, please consider contributing $10 or $25 (or any amount) to keeping it alive.


Thank you,


Shout Outs to the Stork Video Supporters

I am grateful for my friends who took the time to either send in a video testimonial or let me record them for the Stork promo video. Here is a little bit more about them, in order of appearance.

Kristina Arntson – Kristina is one of the kindest people I know. She has her own acupuncture practice where she also offers adjunctive therapies including cranio sacral, massage, direct moxibustion, and nutrition. She can be found on Facebook here.

Marc Majcher – Marc is a busy guy. When he isn’t doing improv at the Hideout Theater or designing games under the Gizmet Gameworks label, he is cranking out code, which he will happily do for those inclined to pay him.

Kris Umlauf – The lovely Kris hosts fantastic parties and will give you the lowdown on restaurants all around Austin.

Reed Oliver – Reed is the front man for World Racketeering Squad, Austin’s premiere producer of nerdwave tunes. Go check out one of their shows and/or buy their album!

Thanks again, folks!