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Monthly Archives: November 2005

DreamPunk now online

Here’s a special first look at DreamPunk.com, for all you readers of my blog:


Major Change of Plans

After some research and reflection, I’ve had a major change of heart towards House of Whack: I’ve decided to self publish it. From what I’ve seen with the major publishers, you relinquinsh the rights to your game and don’t have much say in it. Also, the profits are very small. I want control of the game and I don’t want anyone to tell me “no” because they don’t want a boardgame with a bathroom in it. If it was any other game, it might make sense to take it to a publisher, but not one I care so much about.

This decision feels right, it feels liberating. All the major game publishers that I respect started out as a couple of guys in their college dorm and their cool idea. I want to form a company that will be an outlet for my friends’ creative projects. I’ve spoken to several of my friends who have ideas for games. It would be great if I could help bring those ideas to life.

So this will be the focus in the coming year. I’ll finalize the latest version of House of Whack, playtest it like mad, finalize the art, secure funding, do an initial print run, hit all the conventions, do the marketing, etc.

House of Whack will be Dreampunk Productions’ flagship product.

Watch this space for more info in the coming weeks: www.dreampunk.com