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Monthly Archives: October 2005


I swiftly lost my bearings in the mist, unsure of which door I had entered. Mist and shadow obscured the room’s ceiling, if it indeed had one. I was not alone. A small crowd of people gathered around the room’s only feature: an antique traffic signal, shining red and, strangely enough, blue light across the puzzled faces. The glow illuminated the numeral 3, painted on each bulb. I stood with the others, pondering the signal. 3 and 3. 33? What had happened to the yellow and green lights? Perhaps it wasn’t a traffic signal at all.

I noticed a man standing apart from the crowd, studying one of the rooms’ four simple doors. For some reason my mind recalled the stage from my old theatre days. Spare, but efficient, the cornerstone of new worlds. I approached the man.

“Tired of standing about yammering as well, eh?” he asked. “Me too. I’m ready.”

“Ready?” I asked. I could already tell from his bearing that he was of an adventurous disposition. “Ready for what?” I never know what to do with my hands in these situations, so I put them in my pockets. Eh, what’s this?

“To open a door, of course! Only question is who gets to choose first.”

“I suppose we could roll for it,” I said, showing him the dice I had discovered in my pocket.

“Aye, that’s the spirit,” he grinned. We crouched near the marble floor, each tossing a die. The clattering bones echoed up into the room’s dark, infinite spaces.

Whack dreams

The past two nights I have had dreams involving House of Whack, my board game. The night before last I had one of those transcendant dreams where I knew I was being given important information about the true nature of reality, but I could not hope to take it into waking life. I remember a crone or perhaps a hermit spreading the rooms out like a tarot reading. I don’t think anyone really understands what happens inside my head when I think of the game. They see a board game, but I see something else.

Last night’s dream involved a Kinko’s or something. The place was being robbed or I was being threatened somehow. The assailant was holding me at gunpoint and asking me to explain the contents of the House of Whack box. There was a story resting on top of the game components. I took it out and pulled out some room cards so I could show this person how the rooms connected together. I noticed that there were rooms I had not created for the game.