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Monthly Archives: August 2005


Sometimes I wonder why I find myself in certain situations, but then a magical catalyst of environment and circumstance gels together to inspire an idea. Tonight, at the excellent Coldplay concert, I was struck by an idea for House of Whack so brilliant that I impressed myself. I sat on the hillside of the Journal Pavilion, scribbling on my notepad while my muse played on stage, accompanied by some of the best visual effects I had seen at a concert.

In my own playtesting of version 2, I have been surprised at how much better the game is. I am rarely ecstatic about anything I’ve made, but I have to say that I’m feeling pretty clever lately. Version 2 is very, very good. But this epiphany I had tonight kicks the dial up to 11. I’ve devised something so astonishing and cool. It will demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Whack system. Yes, “system.” As in d20, as in GURPS.

On the other hand, I might be the only one interested in this idea at all, but we’ll see…